Thursday, September 06, 2018

Shake Yourself Loose

Shake Yourself Loose

Vickie Winans - Shake Yourself
Said You been Bound UP - Lookin? for a way to Break Free.
Devil's had you Tied UP –
Listen to these words from me
Your situation may seem hopeless but it's not the end.
Though you are burdened and have shackles on your feet.

(Now)... I... want you to know - You're about to Break Loose 

Jesus took the Keys.
.. and Gave 'em To You

(So...Here's what yYou Gotta Do)

SHAKE LOOSE... Everything that Binds You UP –

Who told you that you can't Make it
When God says that you can Shake iIT - Shake Loose... Everything that Binds You UP
Praise Him like its your last chance - Get up and do the David dance

I heard you were feeling down - That Satan had you bound
No you don't have to stay - Yes, you can leave today
Just lika' in the Bible Days - When men began to Pray
Those jail cells start to Shaken - Those chains a start to Breakin?

Don't let the enemy keep you in Bondage
Praise your way through - Come on and Shake Loose
Every Worry, Every Care
Praise your way through - Come on and Shake Loose

Shout for Joy - make some noise
Because I'm Free...Free

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